There are many things a home owner can do to
increase the value of their home. This can be
done on the interior or the exterior of the
home, from do-it-yourself for the smaller
projects to hiring a contractor for the larger
You can Own A
Home Like This
Over all the experience of either buying or
selling a home should be one that is pleasant
for both the seller and buyer. Selling and
buying is a serious decision that can affect
your financial and emotional well being for
years to come – consequences of how
informed you are will be long lasting, many
years after you have walked away from the
bargaining table.

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"Thanks so much, Mark and Renee.  I think
there’s a market for a reality show regarding
“Home Purchasing:  Behind The Scenes”  
starring you and Renee, of course!  I just didn’t
realize all the work you all put in!  You guys are
the BEST!  I will highly recommend your team to
anyone I cross paths with" E. Hoff
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