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Scottsdale,AZ, Phoenix and
Surrounding Areas of AZ,
Orange County, CA, San
Diego, CA  LA and LA
County, CA.
Experiencing life changes - New to
AZ, Marriage, Divorce, Death,
Getting Older.  I can help with
Buying or Selling real estate.  Call
me at any time at
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You can Own A
House Like This
Professional Real Estate
Broker has successfully
assisted Buyers and
Sellers to achieve their  
goals of buying and selling
real estate. Helpful and
Compassionate, Realtor
—Renee Parekh. Broker,Realtor
You could Own a
House Like This One
You can Own House
like this one
Renee Parekh,Broker
Realtor 949-861-1124
“Renee recognizes and listens to
what clients want”
The Levits